The Black Lion, 65 Chapel St, Manchester M3 5BZ
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The hotel at the Black Lion in Manchester offers well-equipped guest rooms, from comfortable singles to spacious Family rooms.

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Traditional home cooked food served from 12-8pm seven days a week in our recently renovated bar.

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The Black Lion hosts a weekly quiz & live sport is shown in our bar, We also have our own pool table & Darts board.

Ordering Tramadol Online Cod

The Black Lion Hotel & Bar is located on the corner of Historic Chapel Street,
just off Deansgate in Manchester City Centre

The Black Lion Hotel & Bar is ten minutes from Piccadilly train station and a stone’s throw from the Manchester Arena where all amenities, shops, bars and restaurants can be found.

We are 15 minutes from Manchester City’s Etihad Stadium and the Manchester Exhibition Centre and 20 minutes away from Old Trafford and Old Trafford cricket ground making us a great place to stay or pop in to for a drink if you are visiting the city for an event or a night out.

The Black Lion is a Historic 130-year-old pub with a “relaxed and welcoming atmosphere” where you can enjoy a great selection of lagers, ales, wines and spirits.

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Why are you visiting Manchester?

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The Black Lion Bar & Hotel - News & Offers

Can You Get Tramadol Online Legally - Tramadol Online-Rx

Happy Hour

Happy Hour at The Black Lion

Enjoy a range of exciting offers here at The Black Lion with our amazing Happy Hour deals. Whether you are having a catch up with…

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Quiz Night at The Black Lion

Quiz Night Every Sunday from 7pm

Test your knowledge of random music, irrelevant facts and bizzare news with a combination of picture, multiple choice and buzzer questions at The Black Lions…

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Six Nations Competition

Win Tickets to the Six Nations

The Six Nations is one of the biggest tournaments in Rugby and one of the most hotly anticipated sporting events of the year. Here at The…

Order Tramadol Online Overnight Shipping
Beer and a Burger

Enjoy a Beer & a Burger for just £9

Join us at The Black Lion to watch any televised sporting event and you will be able to enjoy our awesome for a beer and…

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