The Black Lion, 65 Chapel St, Manchester M3 5BZ
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Happy Hour

Tramadol Purchase Online Uk - Us Tramadol Online

Enjoy a range of exciting offers here at The Black Lion with our amazing Happy Hour deals. Whether you are having a catch up with…

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Quiz Night at The Black Lion

Quiz Night Every Sunday from 7pm

Test your knowledge of random music, irrelevant facts and bizzare news with a combination of picture, multiple choice and buzzer questions at The Black Lions…

Order Tramadol Cod Saturday Delivery

Six Nations Competition

Win Tickets to the Six Nations

The Six Nations is one of the biggest tournaments in Rugby and one of the most hotly anticipated sporting events of the year. Here at The…

Ordering Tramadol Online Cod

Beer and a Burger

Enjoy a Beer & a Burger for just £9

Join us at The Black Lion to watch any televised sporting event and you will be able to enjoy our awesome for a beer and…

Best Site To Order Tramadol Online


The Black Lion kitchen under new management!

We’ve got some exciting news fresh out the kitchen! The Black Lion kitchen is BACK. Now open from 12:00pm until 6:30pm seven days a week!…

Is It Legal To Order Tramadol Over The Internet

Double Room Private Bathroom

Anthony Joshua Vs Alexander Povetkin

This Saturday September 22nd heavyweight boxing giants Anthony Joshua and Alexander Povetkin will box what’s being called “the fight of the year” at Wembley Stadium…

Ordering Tramadol From India

Manchester City Breaks

UEFA Nation’s League – What is it and where do I watch?

Is everyone tired of sighing and eye rolling at just watching players get injured in the friendlies? Us too. But UEFA hears you! Now some…

Tramadol Legal To Buy

Where to Watch Wimbledon 2018 in Manchester

A Summer of Sport Wimbledon is a Tennis tournament which will take place at the All England Tennis Club in Wimbledon, London. World Cup fever well…

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Serving Cooked Breakfast Every Weekend

Looking for a Cooked Breakfast in Manchester ? Breakfast, The most important meal of the day right ? After some thought we realised we had…

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Try the new food menu at The Black Lion !

Try the new food menu at The Black Lion ! The Black Lion has been famous for its fantastic drinks and welcoming atmosphere ever since…

Order Tramadol From Canada