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UEFA Nation’s League – What is it and where do I watch?

Is everyone tired of sighing and eye rolling at just watching players get injured in the friendlies? Us too. But UEFA hears you!

Now some of the pain has subsided from grieving the loss of England’s 2019 world cup (sorry to bring it up again) it’s time to talk about the UEFA Nations League.

What is it?

UEFA has said that the quality of European football can be improved with more competition and more sportsmanship amongst its 55 member associations, sprucing up national team football and providing more competition.

This will give football supporters a chance to cheer on their team in a meaningful competition that plays a part in qualifying for the Euro 2020.


The teams are split up into four divisions leagues A, B, C and D. The top teams will feature in league A and so on until of course the lowest-ranking teams making an appearance in league D.

The teams in each league will play each other twice. Once at home per team and once away per team.

Promotion and Relegation

The winning groups of Leagues B, C and D will get promoted whilst the lower-ranking teams in A, B and C will be relegated for the next Nations League competition.  A teams positioning will determine whether they qualify for the Nation’s League play-offs so it’s another chance to qualify through the normal European Qualifiers for the Euro 2020. This interesting spin on the Euros is being called the “back door to the European Championship 2020” although; no team qualifies immediately through the UEFA Nation’s League.

Where can I watch?

We’ll be showing as many of the UEFA Nations League games as possible at The Black Lion televised on all screens so you won’t miss a slice of the action.

Join us for the UEFA Nations League at The Black Lion, Manchester! Cheers!

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